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With 40 years experience in the catering industry our restaurants in Kalkan each carry a reputation for wonderful food, service and atmosphere. Our menus are rich with the tastes of the Mediterranean. Our food is always fresh, always creative and always prepared to the highest standard with something to satisfy every taste.

We believe that whilst you are in Turkey you should be able to sample traditional Turkish cuisine, a cuisine which has its roots in the vast kitchens of the Ottoman Sultans. Our food perfectly combines the traditional and the contemporary.

We have been careful to create dishes which best complement the wonderful fresh ingredients available to us in Kalkan. I am myself an accomplished chef and have restaurant experience both in Istanbul and England. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our renowned restaurants.

Uluc Bilgutay

Korsan Kalkan Korsan Meze 2011 3 - CopyKorsan Meze Restaurant is where East meets West and the food is a perfect combination of traditional Turkish and contemporary cuisine. Overlooking the beach, from here you can sit back and watch the boats glide in and out of the harbour. Click here or on the image for more details.

Tel + 90 242 844 3622 (local calls 844 3622)


Korsan Fish Terrace 3The Korsan Fish Terrace is unrivalled both in position and sophistication. With a fresh catch delivered daily, the menu offers an array of creative fish and seafood dishes all beautifully prepared and presented. Click here or on the image for more details.

Tel + 90 242 844 3076 (local calls 844 3076)




ko.co (Korsan Continued) is our gorgeous lounge bar situated next door to the Korsan Meze.  Sit back and enjoy an pre-dinner drink or relax after dinner on a comfortable sofa and enjoy a freshly ground coffee or a bespoke ice-cream.  A beautiful location for private parties.  Click here for more information.

Tel + 90 242 844 3622 (local calls 844 3622)