About Us

Korsan Ltd is a family run business established in Kalkan in 1979. We were one of the first tourism related enterprises in Kalkan and now have over 35 years experience in the fields of tourism, catering and property development. The company was founded by my father, Gurkan Bilgutay, a retired naval Colonel and is now run by myself, Uluc Bilgutay and my wife, Claire. I am an accomplished chef and have restaurant experience both in Istanbul and London. We have two sons, Patrick Omer and Oliver Eren. The staff of Korsan Ltd work together as a team to ensure all guests and clients receive the best possible service. The team has worked together for many years, which is one of the reasons for Korsan Ltd’s continued reputation for offering accommodation, food and service of the highest standard.


Korsan translated to English means pirate, a pun on the fact that the owners of the Korsan Restaurants, the Bilgutay family, have always had very strong associations to the sea with three generations of the family serving in the Turkish Navy. In the mid 1970’s my father, Gurkan Bilgutay, who knew the Turkish coastline like the back of his hand retired from the navy and, looking for a change of life style and pace, opened a restaurant and a small pansiyon in his favourite sleepy fishing village.  The village was Kalkan and that restaurant was Korsan. This was the beginning.  In his youth my father had also been a musician and with three other musicians formed Turkey’s first Rock’n’Roll band.  The band’s notoriety and connections with Istanbul meant friends started to visit this little known place on the Mediterranean and tourism was born.  Before long my father was accommodating the first foreign visitors and Kalkan was officially on the map. I took over from my father in 1990 and in 1992 my wife, Claire, joined the family and the business. Korsan Ltd has expanded greatly since those early days in the 1970’s and we now have two restaurants; The Korsan Meze and The Korsan Fish Terrace as well as the Korsan Apartments, The Korsan Suites, The Patara Stone House, Korsan Koy, Korsan Property Development and Korsan Villa Maintenance. We are most definitely a family business.  My sons, Patrick Ömer and Oliver Eren, both work in the Korsan Restaurants during their school holidays …… the tradition continues! Uluç Bilgütay


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