July Extra !

Dear Korsan Friends

An extra blog this month because I wanted to talk about the following two properties which are for sale and which I think are great buys for anyone wishing to be a property owner in Kalkan.

The first is Villa Helena a 4 bedroomed villa with private pool in Kalamar Bay.  This is not one of our own builds but it is owned by very good friends of ours.  The owners of Villa Helena also own a beautiful house in the old village.  We helped them through the very complicated purchasing process of  the old house 14 years ago following which we fully renovated the property for them.   The owner’s desire to make more renovations and a major expansion to their house in the old town is the reason they have decided to put Villa Helena on the market.  The asking price is a very reasonable £250K.  Based on the purchase price and works carried out on the property since purchase this is a very fair price tag.  The property comes fully furnished, it has a successful rental history and has all legal paperwork in place.  Those looking for great value for money should take a look at the pictures and specification on the ‘property for sale’ page of our website.

The second property is Ivy House a traditional listed house in the old town.  Korsan and the owners of Ivy House go back possibly as many as twenty years and were originally regular guests at The Patara Stone house before becoming Kalkan residents. Ivy House was one of Korsan’s early renovation projects and because of the property’s listed status we were unable to alter the exterior or the look of the house in any way.  The wooden balcony and veranda had to be replaced in their original style.  Until 35 years ago, when it was left vacant,  the house was occupied by a local family who, in the tradition way, used the ground floor as a small barn for their goats and sheep with the family accommodation on the first floor.   To provide a living space with modern facilities and to ensure we complied with the regulations of a listed property, we completely gutted the inside of the house leaving the four outside walls intact.  Inside the original walls we built a steel construction which supported the exterior walls and which became the frame work of the new construction inside.  Outside the house looks and feels like an old traditional Kalkan house however it now benefits from the improved safety and durability of a steel construction.

It is a particular clientele that loves the narrow lanes, the history and the small houses of the old town.  Those that don’t mind partial sea views and the lack of a private swimming pool …. the beach is only a stone’s throw away!  For those people this is the perfect house.  These houses do not come on the market very often and this property is very desirable with an asking price of £130k, fully furnished with linen and kitchen ware included).    We have already had offers on this house from a large local family with numerous properties in the old town and a developer also with interests in the old town.  Although these offers were not accepted by the owner it think the interest from these individuals indicates what a attractive purchase it is.  Pictures and property specification can be found on our website.

The season is in full swing and from the Korsan Meze and Fish Terrace webcams you will see large tables with big families and children of all ages.  It will be September before we go back to small tables of twos and fours but I’m not wishing it away and it is great to have Patrick and Oliver in the restaurants practising their waitering skills!

Best wishes to all.


Korsan Ltd. is a family run business established in Kalkan in 1979. We were one of the first tourism related enterprises in Kalkan and now have over 40 years experience in the fields of tourism, catering and property development.