May 2013 Post

We have reached the end of May already and Korsan is in full swing once again.

The new addition to the Korsan Family this year is Korsan Tas Bahce which is a beautiful villa sleeping just two guests!  However, I am going to keep away from property in this month’s blog and talk more about food, music, accommodation and our maintenance service.

The Korsan Fish Terrace has started the new season where it left off at the end of last year in terms of popularity.  Advanced table reservations are very good and we have been almost fully booked for live music nights.

The music arrangement has changed this year.  On Tuesday evenings we have Ersin who sings and plays the guitar.  I think he is a perfect addition to the Fish Terrace this year, his repertoire and the tone of his voice are just right for the terrace atmosphere.  On Thursday evenings  we have Ersoy and Selin, who our regular guests will all know (and love),  with Selin on violin and vocals and Ersoy on guitar and vocals, they create their usual magic!  Sunday evenings see performances from our new duo , Yesim and Baris.  As well as vocals, Yesim plays the flute and the saxophone.  Baris is on keyboard.  Together they make some great tempo music and I am sure there will be many a Sunday evening when we move tables aside for some impromptu dancing!  (Ersin, Yesim and Baris are exclusive to The Fish Terrace and don’t play other venues in Kalkan).

Still on the subject of music we were delighted and privileged to have our friend Jack Pescod play for us  numerous times over the last couple of weeks.  Jack is a pianist, composer and songwritter and I know without doubt that everyone lucky enough to hear him play at the terrace would like to join me in saying ‘thank you Jack’.

Moving on to The Korsan Meze, which is the original and my personal favourite.  There are a few small changes to the menu this year, however, it is always difficult to make changes as the menu is the result of the last 34 years and, without fail,  if we take a dish out someone will be asking for it the very next evening !  For Meze lemoncella fans, this year we have tiny  gift bottles of it which we can send you off with at the end of the evening.

On the accommodation front, Emine, the new manageress at the Korsan Suites, is working out just great and we are delighted to have her on board.  Emine has transformed the breakfast service with her own personal touch and the Friday night BBQ is more popular than ever.  For  lazy nights at home in your suite,  Emine has a big collection of DVDs for you to borrow and the sky sports system in the bar is much more reliable this year for those ‘can’t be missed’ sporting occasions.

At the Korsan Apartments the magic continues … Yasar and Ismet are still in charge with the help of Meryem and Hakan.  The Korsan Apartments started the season with a full house, as previous years, and with the exception of a few little gaps here and there,  are full for the rest of the season ….. ‘long live Yasar …… long live Ismet!!’

Korsan Koy is having it’s busiest season to date with Huseyin, Havva and their son Burhan on hand 24/7 as before.  Praises too to the Korsan Koy team for their gardening skills.  The Korsan Koy garden must be one of the best by far in the area.  Quite an achievement in the scorching sun.   Hopefully we will get the chance to spend a couple of days there this summer.  Nothing can beat living by the water’s edge, if only for a day or two.

Korsan Maintenance came about as a result of us wanting to continue to offer the best possible service to our villa buyers after the purchasing process was completed.  By it’s nature the maintenance business is both on going and time consuming but we have a great team in place and my slowing improving delegating skills means the service we offer is continually widening.  This year we have even made an exception to our policy not to take on any properties not built by ourselves.

Next month I plan to write about the property market which I feel is showing some ‘green shoots’ with increased interest from new investors.  I will tell you more about Korsan Tas Bahce, Villa Dolly (between the old town and Komurluk) and give you an up-date on the two villas we are completing for sale in Kalamar Bay.

Those of you who know me, know I love to play tennis so I am very excited that, thanks to some very great friends, Claire and I will be at Wimbledon for a day this year.  I’ll report back next month.

Until then. Uluc.

Korsan Ltd. is a family run business established in Kalkan in 1979. We were one of the first tourism related enterprises in Kalkan and now have over 40 years experience in the fields of tourism, catering and property development.