November up-date

Dear Korsan friends

Boots on, excavators commissioned, we are building, renovating, extending and also doing a bit of buying and selling.  We are well into the construction season already with an abundance of ‘to do’ lists, commitments and dead lines as usual.

I think my prediction in my last blog that we would see an improvement in the property market was a good one and we now have two new members of the Korsan family. Villa Bono is the second of our two new properties in Kalamar Bay to be sold.  The villa will be completed by early March 2014 and ready for rental for the coming season.   Villa Clara, formally known as Villa Helena, has been purchased by Korsan friends and will be included in our villas for rent for next year.  Korsan Apartment No. 9 is also changing hands, we welcome Peter and Anne to Korsan Aparments and say goodbye to Joan and Ray who have enjoyed the apartment for many years and who we hope will continue to visit Kalkan.

We have a huge amount of work to do this year much of which is renovation and improvements to existing properties. To name a few, Kalkan Retreat, Villa Kalamar, No. 15, Kalkan Heights, Kalkan View, High House, Beyli Han, Villa Majorelle, Villa Gozcu, Korsan Suites, Korsan Tas Bahce and Korsan Apartments no. 9 all have major winter works to do.  With such a heavy work load we have extended the winter team this year.  Yuksel and his team will be running around the new builds as usual and Ozay and his team will be in charge of the  renovation/improvement works.  We are aware that Easter is late this year so the season will start early and there are already a few bookings for April.  I am confident that we can accomplish everything in time, so much so that we are hopefully also completing on some new plots soon (Claire has her head in her hands …. why?!!).

The season ended in high spirits as always with the Fish Terrace and Korsan Meze both having their own closing down ‘feasts’ when the team cooks everything left in the fridge and freezer and the party lasts into the early hours.

We have two happy Korsan events to report.  Congratulations to Yusuf, from Korsan Meze, and Michelle who were married on 10 November, we wish them both all the best for a wonderful future together.   Congratulations to Yasar and his wife Hacer who welcomed their second son to the world on 18 November….. from experience I can tell you that two boys are going to keep you busy Yasar!

The boat I told you about in my last blog has been purchased and named Korsan …. Surprise!!  Those who guessed the name correctly can claim your glass of Lal next summer!

I hope to have new projects to tell you about in the next blog.  Until then love to everyone.  The winter has started busy but staying at home in the evenings or going to someone else’s restaurant for dinner is such a treat!


Korsan Ltd. is a family run business established in Kalkan in 1979. We were one of the first tourism related enterprises in Kalkan and now have over 40 years experience in the fields of tourism, catering and property development.