Korsan’s Olive Oil

We are almost a year into our new venture …the business of Olive Oil production, and the fantastic olive harvest this year has been a bonus and of huge help to the substantial investment we made in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, branding and packaging since purchasing the oldest olive press in the area…

The journey from the first flowers on the olive trees to beautiful olive oil in the bottle is a fascinating one with so much to learn and with such potential for creativity.  We have started modestly but, given time, I am sure we will have lots of new and interesting olive related products to offer.

Before talking about our products, I would like to talk about our olive groves, the machinery, production hygiene and our branding …


Our olive press in Caykoy is set on almost 7 acres of land which is a home to a little over 500 loved and cherished olive trees.  We benefit from having a well on the land and so have a natural water source for year-round watering of the trees.  About 8km from Caykoy is Palamut where we have a second olive grove which is approx. 18.5 acres of trees.


We operate two different types of olive press.

The first one is called a factory press by the local farmers and has the capacity to process 60 tons of olives a day with the facility to individually press the harvest of six different farmers at the same time. This means each farmer receives the oil from his own olives and not a blend of oil from a mix of olives.  We benefit from the latest technology equipment which allows us to extract the oil from the olives in most efficient way as well as being the most environmentally friendly system currently available.

The second is our hand press workshop.  In a separate area we house a small olive washer, crusher and churner and three simple hand presses, which is all the machinery we need to create our most exclusive product.


A natural water supply on site means we are able to continually change the water at the olive washing stage of the olive oil process … having their olives washed in clean water is very important to the local farmers and we are gaining a reputation for our awareness and practice of this with the local farming community.

A vital factor for healthy olive oil is the method by which the oil is kept.  Our oil is stored in high tech stainless steel tanks in which the oxygen is replaced with nitrogen this prevents any deterioration of the oil.  All our products are tested and come with European Community recognised or official government laboratory analysis reports.


Tosunlar is the oldest olive press in the area.  Previously it was owned by a gentleman named Kazim Tosun, now 85 years old, who has been pressing olives all his life.  Kazim Tosun’s Tosunlar press has been operating on the same site for over 40 years which means there is always an interesting chat to be had with an older local farmer over a cup or two of tea.  It seems to me that the stories of the good old days back in the heyday of olive pressing are endless!

Korsan bought the land and the limited company Tosunlar was trading under, and, as it is a very well-respected brand locally, we decided to keep the name and have just prefixed it with YENI which simply means NEW. Yeni Tosunlar … New Tosunlar.  We of course had to include Korsan on our branding and you will see the Korsan name on our labelling, our signage and our vehicles.


The oils we are currently producing are as follows:


PURE VIRGIN OLIVE OIL This oil is robust and versatile and perfect for cooking. It is pure olive oil from local trees.

COLD PRESS OLIVE OIL A well balanced olive oil with good polyphenol and Vitamin E readings. To preserve its health benefits its best consumed cold.

MANDARIN and OLIVE COLD PRESS – We pressed fresh whole mandarins and olives together. The mandarin content is just 1% which gives a citrus hint … perfect for salads, poultry and humus.


HAND PRESSED OLIVE OIL – We couldn’t have given more tender loving care to the production of an olive oil! The reward is a near perfect lab analysis report and hence it is on its way to compete in Turkey’s most prestigious olive oil contest.  Our hand pressed oil is exceptionally high in Polyphenol which is a highly prized ‘superfood’.  Enjoy with crusty fresh bread and just savour the flavour.

GIFT SET – Our gift set of 3 bottles (3 x 240ml) is the perfect present and the perfect way to take the taste of Kalkan home with you!