Kate Chalkley

I saw my house in 2000 and totally feel in love with it – an Ottoman house with a walled garden in the old part of Kalkan village. The property was enchanting but needing a lot of restoration. It appeared to be owned by an entire family straddling several generations. This was clearly not going to be an easy transaction. I had got to know Uluc and Claire Bilgutay from the Korsan restaurant, a favourite haunt, and the Stone House Pension (now the Fish Terrace) where I regularly used to stay. I decided to consult Uluc and have him handle the purchase. It was a wise move. Having someone who is Turkish, knows the ins and outs of Turkish property law, speaks fluent English and perhaps most importantly, a person who you trust implicitly, is essential. I was not disappointed. Uluc dealt with the very complicated purchase, kept me informed at all stages and guided me through the somewhat complicated Turkish bureaucratic red tape. Having made the purchase, he went on to advise me on the restoration, including employing an architect, sitting in on all meetings to advise and translate and generally overseeing the project. There is no question that I could have muddled through without this kind of expertise. Having someone to see the project through from start to finish was invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Korsan Ltd to any potential buyer, whether it is for a new property or the purchase and restoration of an old building, and wish the Company every success in all their future projects.

Testimonial about using Korsan Property on July 2010