A standout feature of Beyaz Ay is the support team from Korsan Ltd, the local agents who look after it.  We were well and truly blown away by these girls and guys.  There’s a pool guy and gardener who pops in every day and turns the pool pumps on and off as well as ensuring the pool is clean and tidying the garden areas.  He manages to do this discreetly without getting in your way.  As Korsan look after a number of villas close by there’s usually one of the team around in case there are any problems.  Ozay was our local contact who was on the end of the ‘phone if we needed anything.  We found him and the rest of the team super friendly and helpful and he did sort a couple of minor issues very quickly and efficiently for us.  The villa is cleaned twice a week  by a Turkish commando squad.  They leave a note saying when they’re going to be coming round so you can either be out or spend an hour by the pool while they work their magic.  They are simply incredible.  A team of about seven people cleaned the villa top to toe including dusting/hoovering inside cabinets etc and cleaning the glass in and out.  Now we know why the villas is so fantastically well presented.  Superstars and lovely with it.

Stayed at Beyaz Ay on July 2012